Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 2 technically

Alright ok I know I know. I haven't updated this in over a month and I was all "every day" when I started it but know what fuck you.

I've seen COUNTLESS dogs in the past month and a week or whatever it's been. Here is like, an all-star list.

I saw this border collie when I went to Horseshoe Canyon with some pals. Horseshoe Canyon is this place by the dinosaur park that you can look at and enjoy, scenically. I bought a dinosaur tendon there that my friend Jeff says isn't real, but what the fuck does he even know about dinosaurs? Anyways, the dog was sniffing around and my friend David and I joked about how he was like a truffle hunting pig, only fossils and a dog instead. Pretty great.

I saw these two girls walking a tiny little puppy in the rain today. The girls were young and wore matching rain coats, leading me to believe they were sisters. Sisters walking their sister puppy. The puppy looked like a pointer of some type. It did not like the rain and was making a sad face. Cute! Like people.

Chloe is a dog that belongs to my friend Matt. He brought her to a party we had that was banging, and she liked it. She is a party dog. Someone put a bandana on her at one point and she looked like one of those dogs that hangs out on a porch with gross bearded dudes. The main reason she looked like that was because she was hanging out with gross bearded dudes on a porch. They are my friends. So is Chloe. She's a black lab/rotti cross and when she hits you with her tail it hurts a little. She tried to steal a cheeseburger.

When I went to Vernon last month I saw a few dogs. There was one who was in the bed of a truck and he kept pacing back and forth to smell the air as he rode along. I was in the car with some friends(a family of five(made with triplets)and my pal Brady) and one (Harvey Warren, extreme dad) was pretending to be the dog. He talked in a funny dog voice and said things the dog might be saying. That was the joke (get it?). The dog could be saying things like "What's over here? What's over there? What's back here? Blue Car! What's over there? A BEE BARK BARK BARK! What's over here?" etc. while doing its manic pacing thing. Try saying that last dog talk example in a dog voice. It'll be funny.

This guy's not a dog but he forced me to eat a meatloaf sandwich a few weeks ago. I mean it. He made me one and gave me an apple juice and made me sit down and eat it. I didn't really want it, but it was good and it was nice of him to give me a sandwich. It's just really confusing when someone is doing something nice for you in a mean way. I also told him I'd mention that, so I held up my end of the bargain.

Ok, there's an ok update. I really promise I will do it with more regularity, that way I can remember more about the dogs I see. I have heart burn now. Bye.