Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Day one and a half

I forgot to mention there is a dog park down the street from my house. I have to walk through it a couple times a day, so I think I'll make bulk "Dog Park" write ups rather than 15 or so seperate dog ones. Here's one now!

Dog Park 1.
About ten dogs out tonight. Mostly slipper dogs, which I'm not a huuuuuge fan of, but they're nice enough. There was one really lazy golden retreiver hanging out under a tree while a border collie kept trying to hump it. A burmese mountain dog was fighting a german shepherd pup, pretty cute. They little one kept winning! What a champ! I saw a corgi steal a lick from its owner's ice cream. I hope it doesn't crap itself later. Best of all was a little Westhighland that didn't even have poopy pants. I like it best when normally daggy dogs are poop free.

Dog 2.
There's a dog named Matty that hangs out on the grass between the street and the sidewalk in front of its house a couple blocks down from me. It is old and friendly. I think he's a german shepherd/rotti but I don't know for sure. He barks at you when you walk by, but in a nice way. Today I pet him.

Ok, that's all for today I think. That is unless I see some super adorable pup.


Day One.


So, the idea behind this blog is very simple. Every day I will write about the dogs I see while I'm out and about. It will be like an official log of pups in and around Calgary. I can even post pictures and things! This is very serious business, by the way. I don't take pups lightly.

I might as well start right now, as I've already seen a good puppy!

Puppy 1.
Oh man, sooooooo cute. It looked to be maybe 2 months old, still really fluffy and confused looking. I think it was a yorkshire terrier. It was all over heated and looked like it was sleepy. Tried to go to sleep under a car! Aww! Its owner was a really skinny girl in a purple dress. She was on a cell phone outside of a nail salon. She had a little cup of water for the puppy. So nice!

Dog 1.
Technically I saw this dog yesterday, but holy crap. Totally made my day. It was the fattest basset hound EVER. I walked by it and the owner said "It's a slow walk". Holy! Yeah! Its belly was almost on the ground! And basset hounds always look so sad. Amazing.

Ok, so there's a sample of what's to come. Keep checking back, as I will try and update this everyday (with the exception of this weekend when I will be in Vernon). Ok. Awesome.