Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Day One.


So, the idea behind this blog is very simple. Every day I will write about the dogs I see while I'm out and about. It will be like an official log of pups in and around Calgary. I can even post pictures and things! This is very serious business, by the way. I don't take pups lightly.

I might as well start right now, as I've already seen a good puppy!

Puppy 1.
Oh man, sooooooo cute. It looked to be maybe 2 months old, still really fluffy and confused looking. I think it was a yorkshire terrier. It was all over heated and looked like it was sleepy. Tried to go to sleep under a car! Aww! Its owner was a really skinny girl in a purple dress. She was on a cell phone outside of a nail salon. She had a little cup of water for the puppy. So nice!

Dog 1.
Technically I saw this dog yesterday, but holy crap. Totally made my day. It was the fattest basset hound EVER. I walked by it and the owner said "It's a slow walk". Holy! Yeah! Its belly was almost on the ground! And basset hounds always look so sad. Amazing.

Ok, so there's a sample of what's to come. Keep checking back, as I will try and update this everyday (with the exception of this weekend when I will be in Vernon). Ok. Awesome.


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Bjorn said...

How dogs cope with the heat.

Toronto has been very hot and humid this week, but the dogs seemed to be dealing with the heat okay. Several long-haired breeds were sporting sleek haircuts. Local business owners were pitching in to help by providing water dishes outside their establishments.
I saw a black lab on the corner of Bathurst and College whimpering slightly because of the heat. The poor guy was tapped out. Other than that the Toronto dog scene seems to be holding up well. Better than most people.