Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some Day

Today I saw a beagle named Jimmy. He was wearing a weird harness that looked like a tiny little vest. I wonder what it would be like if dogs wore clothes all the time? Probably off putting. Although, a beagle in a little old fashioned bank teller's outfit would be cute. With the green visor and tiny gold rimmed glasses, all with a pen up behind his floppy ear. Looking at bank notes and tisking, paw up to mouth and what have you. Adorable.

There's this nice dog at the dog park named Kayla. She just stands beside you and lets you pet her, doesn't get excited really. I like that. Like a pal just hanging out, looking at the skyline with you. If she could talk, I'm sure we'd have conversations about construction and trees and other plain things that we can see. Those are the best conversations. The ones where you just talk about the things in front of you. "Look at that fantastic puzzle book." "That is a book filled with puzzles!" "You bet!" etc.

I was reading all about Laika the other day, which is something I like to do from time to time. If you don't know who Laika is well geez! Any little dog that gets blasted into space should have a statue of itself in every town. Or better yet, a whole town dedicated to it. And not like a Disneyland town, with fake cottages and themed shops and fat kids eating too much ice cream and crapping themselves everywhere. Those towns suck and I wish they would just call them zones or quadrants because picturing myself living in a place like that is chilling. I mean a real town where humans live and love. Like Banff. Only, Laika. Anyways, she wore a little space helmet and they sent her into orbit and she totally died.

I'm hoping to see more puppies. Haven't seen a baby dog in a while, and they are preeeeeetty cute. Have you ever seen their paws? Did you know that they are so tiny?


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Jocelyn Burwash said...

I think you are the most adorable writer ever and your love for dogs leaves me going so ho, so ho.