Friday, October 12, 2007

Drinks in a jar are usually poison.

Oh man wow. I'm going to start with a little non-pup related side note in saying that while $9 fishbowls are not only a steal but also a nice gift from Bamboo, thursday night drunk ons can be the worst worst worst. Although, I did get to sleep until 2 in the afternoon, which was nice. I felt bad for Andrew (He's my gentleman friend. Did you know? Did you know that things like that can happen to me?) because he had to go to work at 9. Oh well. I felt even worse for Peter Roe. When I walked into him today, he had a black eye from smashing his face on a door in his apartment. He was the drunkest one there last night, dropping his cigarette into the urinal and being super sad. My point is that while I sure enjoyed myself all last night, thursday is a bad day to go out because friday still happens. Ok, onto pups.

Beagle puppy! Holy! I've always said beagles are the second cutest puppy (only after bassett hounds, the dog of sorrow) and have I ever been proven right. There's a puppy named Buster at the dog park who's 10 weeks old and has the biggest ears ever. I bet he can hear the past with those. He just runs around and jumps on everything and has the least cute owners ever. I think that's pretty funny. Dumpy dude and frumpy franny walking around in their sweat pants and frowns, owning the most perfect ball of sunshine surprises ever. Hilarious.

Also made a puppy friend in front of Shwarma King on thanksgiving. Looked like a german shepherd crossed with something else. It was super friendly and licked my hand and then I accidently rubbed the puppy spit into Andrew's hand and I don't remember if I told him or not so maybe he's reading this and getting cross at me. I hope that pup had a nice thanksgiving. Little puppy sized yorkshire pudding made of milk bones and barf. Those are a puppy's favourite comfort foods.

Thanksgiving was fun because I got to see Mabel Black Label. She spent most of the night sleeping under a towel, emerging only to eat part of a pie that was sitting on a table. It's weird when you can describe a tiny puppy as being tall, but she is. She's really tall and impressive. Another impressive thing that happened was I ate the hugest piece of turkey skin in one bite. It was about this big (if you could see me you'd see I am holding my hands about a novel's length apart. Length meaning size wise, not word wise. I should've used a better object than a novel. How about a standard DVD case? Imagine a DVD case made out of turkey skin. Ok) Anyways, my Dad said I shouldn't do it because I'd probably die, but Andrew dared me so I had to. I was so full after that I could barely eat anymore food. Then Mabel ate a bunch of ice cream and I was really surprised she didn't shit everywhere after. Best thanksgiving ever.

My life's been fairly pup free lately, which is kind of sad, but other funny stuff happens. I got drunk and wore sunglasses on monday, that was pretty great. What else? Ughh, nothing really. That's a long enough entry. Fuck off.



Bjorn said...

I don't have much to say except keep up the good work. Haven't interacted with too many dogs myself lately - I think they're all inside.

Don't sell out and make this blog completely boyfriend-centric (although I'm sure he's a nice guy and a terrific dresser).

Bjorn said...

I just discovered a new dog:

Leah said...

You must have seen Ruby at least once in this time. COME ON. October? It is fucking March now.


PS you are so funny I laugh out loud.